Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Girl of My Dreams!

On September 1st, 2009 I married the girl of my dreams!

When I first met Anikah it didn't take long to realize she was different. We met by chance when a mutual friend invited us to Lake Powell. The first thing I noticed was how kind she treated others. She always sees the best in everyone (even in me when I'm grumpy and trying to meet a deadline). She genuinely cares for those around her. Anikah never fails to compliment people. She somehow brings out the good wherever she goes and with whoever she's with. She excels at everything she does and learns extremely quick. The first time we went wake boarding she popped right up. Since then, she's never needed anything but someone to throw her the line. Her smile is powerful. She has deep eyes that forgive and look past fault. She is positive and motivating. She's also an amazing cook!

Some things you may not know about Anikah: She likes to hide behind things and scare me when I'm walking around the apartment deep in thought. She likes peanut butter and jelly maybe even more than I do. Anikah loves dogs and somehow has this weird power that attracts animals. We'll be hiking and suddenly there are squirrels and birds running/flying right behind us, coming to her for food (I'm just waiting for the bigger animals...). She even laughs at me when I'm not funny...which is most always :). Anikah is studying elementary education. She's going to be a 3rd grade school teacher. How lucky will those students be!!!
I am so grateful for her constant patience and understanding on this wild ride we decided to take together.

Our pictures were done by Travis J Photography! We were lucky to work with Travis Richardson himself for the day we shot. He is extremely talented and a pleasure to work with. I'd highly recommend him to anyone for all occasions. Not only is he a passionate artist, he's also a great man. He nailed the subtle look and feel we envisioned for our invitations. Check out his work!

I'd especially like to thank Mark Holmes and Cody Dingus for their graphic design insights and making the unique invitation designs possible!