Thursday, November 12, 2015

Pre-Order my New Book Wasatch

Hey Everybody, Sorry for the lack of posting! 
Im running a SPECIAL PROMOTION happening only for the next 6 DAYS! Guarantee your copy of my new book Wasatch, by Pre-Ordering today at: Your Pre-Order greatly helps with overhead self-publishing costs. In return, I’d like to say thanks to everyone here for sharing and supporting my creation of this book over the last couple years. It wouldn’t be possible without your support! THANK YOU! In return, here is a special promotion just for you:Are you attending CTN Expo? Make your purchase today and I’ll have everything ready for pickup at Table T-38 during the Expo. You can avoid shipping costs and walk away with a free print at no extra charge! These prices will not be the same at the convention so order your copy of Wasatch today!